Spring Cleanup: Spring clean-ups are essential to prepare a property for the growing season, especially in the northeast where the winters really take a toll on lawns and gardens. It’s important to clean the beds and remove debris and branches to give a lawn a fresh start. In addition to clearing any debris, a spring clean-up includes dethatching. Thatch can block a lawn’s growth. Since dethatching removes this dead grass, it revives the lawn.

Fertilizing, Lime & Weed Control Program

Miranda has a multi-phase lawn care program that starts in the spring and ends in the fall for optimal growth during the seasons. Each step is specifically tailored to the needs of your property at that time of year. We cover crabgrass, weed and grub control, and finish off the program by getting your property ready for winter.

Fall Cleanup: When winter is approaching, a property needs a complete cleaning, which includes removing leaves and clearing any debris on the property, gardens, sidewalks and pathways, including sewer drains and catch basins. This is important for aesthetics, and because diseases and fungal material that grow in infected plant debris can survive the winter temperatures and resurface in the spring. A fall clean-up removes debris before the first snowfall assuring that these diseases and fungal material are eliminated and do not continue to grow.

Finding a reliable landscaper can be the most frustrating part of a property maintenance process. We’ve heard so many horror stories about landscaping companies that disappear in the middle of the growing season or raise prices without any warning. Miranda Landscaping Services is here to eliminate the frustration.

Every one of our customers receives honest estimates and our technicians' knowledge regarding the required service. We treat each job as if we were working on our own property, which allows our customers to enjoy their yards throughout the growing season. We want every customer to be that happy customer who raves about our services.

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