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We professionally install and maintain underground sprinkler systems that take the effort and guesswork out of lawn watering. We will work with you to design and install the sprinkler system that meets your needs. In New England, your lawn needs about 1″ of water every week to maintain its health and appearance. Some summers it gets that naturally, but most summers it does not. Miranda can install or repair irrigation systems or drip lines for your property or business assets.


Our service schedule most often includes a spring turn on, where we run & test the system to ensure everything is working properly and program the clock for spring watering. In early Summer we can return to re-inspect the system and re-program it to ensure maximum efficiency for the biggest demand time. Come fall, we return to close the system for the winter and winterize so it doesn’t freeze. For larger systems monthly visits might be required. We tailor a program that suits your needs.

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